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*The lights may be out if there is no image but the BunnyCam logo and timestamp appear*

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2010/8/30 - the second meeting

Today we got to hang out in the 'meeting room' for 40 minutes. My humans still find the need to watch our every move when we are together. Lola explored the room for quite a long time. He mostly ignored me, but we would sniff each other's noses for few seconds from time to time, then I would run away. I like playing hard-to-get :)

Lola didn't try to hump me until the last little bit of the session. I let him mount me, but only for a few seconds... Perhaps tomorrow when we get to hang out again, we'll do a little more...

I think my humans are going to get Lola fixed later this week. It was a horrible experiance for me, but I think that Lola will be okay. He is so strong and protective... :)

2010/8/29 - the first meeting

My humans let me meet my new friend for the first time today. We all went into the same room together and I got to meet Kricket "Lola" O'Gorman. He/she (we still aren't sure yet) tried to hump me about three times, but I resisted. I don't give myself up that easily!

This first session lasted about 20 minutes. My humans then but his cage next to mine and I spend all day gazing lovingly over at him. Oh the joys of a bunny friend!

2010/8/28 - a new friend....

Today Amela and James left for a few hours... I ignored this of corse, because that's what I always do. When they came home however. they had someone special with them - A New bunny!!!

They wouldn't let us meet today, but I know they will soon... Yay!


Congrats to Amela and James on their wedding!! I am so hoppy about it!

Thanks Phil Sarol for bunny-sitting me over the past week.

Thanks also to Jim Cloudman for the 4th camera! I didn't think my life was public enough!


I have actually found some time to put into the bunny cam again!!!

I've re-added the second and third cameras and am working on finding the correct positioning for each one. I would like to eventually have a button for the viewer to select the camera view. What do you think? email me

2010/2/26 - Lots of cool stuff!

Now that James and Amela have moved to Wisconsin and brought me along I am soo Hoppy!

They got real internet a few days ago, and James finally made me a website that isn't ugly. This makes me soo hoppy...

2009/2/28 - Third Camera

James installed a third camera and added it to the site. This camera is actually an iToy camera, a USB camera for use with a PS2. Camera 2 has been giving him problems and dropping out. If it does not load, you will know why...

2009/2/16 - New Camera stuff

My master James is working on setting up this second camera thingy for you all to follow me all day long! He has gotten the video to feed much faster, but the page will eventually lock up and/or crash your computer if you leave it open.

2009/2/10 - Hysterectomy

Well folks, I am less of a bunny now. I still love hopping around and I still love carrots, but I am less of a woman. On Tuesday, I got my uterus removed. I am working on the recovery . . .